Melania Trump speech: The odds of a word match

Copy that: Melania Trump’s odds of a word match And political speeches are often filled with commonly used phrases, from “my fellow Americans” to “God bless the United States of America.” So it’s hardly surprising when they show up verbatim in multiple speeches. Linguistic experts call these “lexical bundles” – strings of words that commonly appear in everyday speech.

Where in the World Is One of the Top Teams in Document Analysis? Duquesne University!

One of the world’s top computing teams for authenticating authorship can be found at Duquesne University. A team working in Duquesne’s Evaluating Variations in Language (EVL) lab correctly analyzed more documents than any other of the 25 international competitors in the Plagiarism Action Network (PAN), producing of one of the highest overall accuracy records. Participants were asked to analyze a number of documents to determine the author of each document, including in some cases a “none of the above” choice when they were given a document but no other writings to compare to or learn from by that specific author. Read More …

Honest Abe: Duquesne Computer Scientist to Authenticate Lincoln Writings

Honest Abe: Duquesne Computer Scientist to Authenticate Lincoln Writings The Office of Digital Humanities in the National Endowment for the Humanities has provided a $50,000 grant to the Papers of Abraham Lincoln, who will work with Dr. Patrick Juola, professor of computer science at Duquesne University, to use his stylometric computer programs to authenticate early Lincoln writings.